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An Outsider’s Look in on the Recreational Marijuana Scene

Posted by Ian, on 8 May, 2014


The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington, and particularly Colorado, has headlined news articles across the globe, more often than not partnered with a photograph of some blissful hippy hitting a bong. Denver is only an eight hour drive from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, so I decided to pack up my mountain bike, headlamp, read more

11 Best Rec Marijuana Shops in Denver Colorado

Posted by tyler, on 18 April, 2014

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Putting together a list of the best rec marijuana shops in Denver is very challenging. You have to take into account, prices, service, awards, cleanliness, and above all, product quality. In this case the finest marijuana in the area. We’ve spent countless hours, compiling information on the best shops, buy going to every shop, and read more

Confessions Of A Pot-Smoking Police Officer, Firefighter And Youth Pastor

Posted by Weed Lover, on 31 March, 2014


Despite the increasing nationwide popularity of legalizing marijuana, admitting use for recreational or medical purposes, especially among certain professions, still has stigma attached. Anti-marijuana groups often point to studies that suggest long-term use could result in a lack of motivation, seemingly claiming that there is no such thing as a functional pot user. However, according read more

Pot Tourism: How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado

Posted by Weed Lover, on 27 March, 2014


The lines to get into the recreational dispensaries have shortened, but still not completely disappeared, and all of the Mile High City jokes have been made. Even Stephen Colbert has addressed the topic at length on The Colbert Report. Read more here┬áPot Tourism: How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado      

Everyone Tokes

Posted by tyler, on 18 February, 2014


These days it seems like everyone is puffing the ganja, or has at least toked a few times. We’ve put together a list of the 19 coolest people that smoke weed. Believe me this wasn’t easy, limiting it to only 19. There’s so many cool cats out there that hit the pipe. Any who, here’s read more

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