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Colorado pot just an appetizer for visitors

Posted by Ian, on 1 June, 2014

Can I buy marijuana in denver

It’s no secret that Colorado has seen a boom in tourism since marijuana became legal for recreational use last year. While the law has succeeded in virtually every measurable way, headlines referencing Colorado have been saturated with stories about the pot boom. If you’ve noticed, you may think that recreational marijuana is all the state’s read more

Denver International Airport reporting minimal problems with marijuana ban

Posted by Ian, on 26 May, 2014

Denver International Airport

  In January Denver International Airport banned the possession of marijuana from its property. Despite the legality of possessing up to an ounce of the substance in Colorado, DIA falls under federal authority, which still classifies pot as an illegal substance. In addition to federal compliance, the measure was also an attempt on their part read more

Weed Delivery in Denver

Posted by Ian, on 22 May, 2014

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Getting Fully Baked From Home Yesterday at this time I was sitting at home in my sweatpants, off from work with no plans. The fridge was full and my list of errands was empty. I had no intentions of going anywhere. I popped open my weed jar, inside a single little chunk of lime-colored bud read more

Top 10 Tips for Buying Recreational Marijuana

Posted by Ian, on 17 May, 2014

marijuana friendly travel

Top 10 Tips for Buying Recreational Marijuana Legalization has drastically changed the weed-buying process. No longer must you meet a “friend” of a friend of a friend in a grocery store parking lot, only to find out he had to bail last minute to mow granny’s lawn. These new businesses are legitimate enterprises with regular read more

11 Best Rec Marijuana Shops in Denver Colorado

Posted by tyler, on 18 April, 2014

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Putting together a list of the best rec marijuana shops in Denver is very challenging. You have to take into account, prices, service, awards, cleanliness, and above all, product quality. In this case the finest marijuana in the area. We’ve spent countless hours, compiling information on the best shops, buy going to every shop, and read more

Everyone Tokes

Posted by tyler, on 18 February, 2014


These days it seems like everyone is puffing the ganja, or has at least toked a few times. We’ve put together a list of the 19 coolest people that smoke weed. Believe me this wasn’t easy, limiting it to only 19. There’s so many cool cats out there that hit the pipe. Any who, here’s read more

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