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Marijuana Friendly Travel

So you’re coming to Colorado to take that glorious first puff of legal freedom, right? Great! Although smoking weed in Colorado is legal, there are still laws that should be followed to avoid an unwanted fine, or handcuffs. Driving high is still illegal, as is blazing up a joint in the middle of the street…most of the time. While you can wing it and hope for the best,  the Denver area offers an array of Marijuana-friendly travel options and lodgings that will make relaxing with your buds all the more enjoyable.


Marijuana Friendly Lodging

If you’re visiting from out of town it’s difficult to sample the local greens without violating both laws requiring all consumption to occur in private, and many hotel and motel regulations banning Marijuana in their establishments. While it’s not illegal for these companies to bar Mary Jane from their front door, it has opened a new type of industry; 420-friendly lodgings. These 420 establishments range from merely tolerant, to exuberant, about their clients getting baked in their rooms. Some will let you smoke, some will provide you with a vaporizer or water-pipe. It all depends on your choice, and we’re here to help you narrow down your options and find the ideal place to spark that pipe.


Best Marijuana Tours in Denver Colorado.

Marijuana tours in Denver Colorado can turn your vacation into a unique 420 weekend, a mile-high ski trip, and even the chance to create your own unique food for thought, ganja style! With all these new services sprouting up on the web, we thought we’d weed out the sticks and stems and leave you with nothing but the best Marijuana tours and experiences Denver has to offer!

420tourslogoMy 420 Tours

My 420 Tours offers its customers tours of the Denver weed scene, a two hour plus cooking class to create your own rasta treats, and a list of 420-friendly hotels when it’s time to hit the sack, or bong. With My 420 Tours you will be sure to sample the best of the Denver recreational experience, and maybe even learn the art of preparing Marijuana cuisine in the process!

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Phone: 1-855-694-2086


Colorado Green Tours

Colorado Green Tours is perfect for vacationers hoping to get an insider look into the legal Marijuana scene. Colorado Green Tours offers custom-designed half-day dispensary tours for the chance to be fully submersed in the Marijuana industry, or full-day tours of dispensaries located high in the Rocky Mountains for breathtaking views from behind smoke-fogged windows.

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Phone: 1-855-933-3868

somilehighSo Mile High

So Mile High offers a little taste of everything Mary Jane, from dispensary tours that include in-depth educational information on the industry, tours of real growing operations, a tour of a world-class glass shop with real works of art, and a chance to sample a variety of tasty 420 treats. Feel free to ask questions at any stage, as this tour caters to those who wish to quench their curiosity and cotton-mouth.

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Phone: 1-210-816-4531

highlifetoursColorado High Life Tours

Colorado High Life Tours is a solid bet if your searching for the full Colorado    experience with some 420 action mixed in. Including packages ranging from downtown  tours to hiking trips, Colorado High Life offers it all. The romantic types will also get a kick out of their couples package, and large groups are offered special rates. The downside is a less user-friendly website requiring online reservations.

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If Denver isn’t enough to satisfy your vacation needs, Cannatarium offers tours across Colorado.  Travel from one dispensary to the next in a limo, hitting spots like Vail, Breckenridge and Idaho Springs. Which weed friendly city suites you best? Find out the fun way with Cannatarium, and be sure to ask about Rod’s special 420 rates!

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Phone: 1-720-440-1927

1469989_557242764358013_1716518844_n420 Bus Tour

420 Bus Tour is pretty straight forward. Get on a weed-friendly bus, pick up a bag of the stickiest  stuff you can find from any of the recreational dispensaries you will see on your trip. Next, stop by glass  shops to get a look at the amazing creations available, and break in that new bowl or bong before crashing at the available 420-friendly accommodations this company offers. Options like public or private bus tours and a host of reservations makes planning your trip within a budget easy.

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Phone: 1-720-261-9979

Logo450pix1-300x300Colorado Green Adventures

Weed nerds look no further! Colorado Green Adventures is based in Boulder, CO and offers seminars and educational show and tell workshops. Topics range from consuming Marijuana and proper etiquette, to different types of smoking tools including vaporizers. An in-depth history lesson will be followed by visits to two recreational dispensaries in Boulder, as well as safe transport to accommodations within Boulder city limits. After this tour you will be sure to astound your friends with all your new weed knowledge!

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Contact Chris Leonard for more info:
Phone: 1-303-596-1886

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